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Ericsson W21
3G Router
for 3G/HSDPA Networks


Ericsson W20


Ericsson’s W21 3G Router

Ericsson’s W21 3G Router / HSDPA Router is the ultimate solution for high speed wireless data applications.

Wireless mobile broadband is a cost effective alternative to ADSL2/WiMAX so is perfect for the small, home or temporary office.

Connecting to the Internet for weather reports or just to keep in touch with family and friends whilst on a boat has never been easier than with the W21 Router.  The W21 Router operates over the mobile network which makes connection to the internet up to five times cheaper than connecting via satellite.

What is a 3G Router?

A 3G router acts like a 3G Gateway. This fixed wireless terminal offers users data communication via the 3G WCDMA/HSDPA network. A unique feature of the W2x series routersis that they can also operate on the GSM network when connection to a 3G network is not available.
For more information visit www.fixedcellularterminal.com

How does a 3G Router?

Why the W21?

The W21 is the perfect choice for anyone wanting internet connection whilst out on the water- and anyone wanting to a wireless data connection for a small or temporary office.

If you want to connect more than one computer, the W21’s four port router offers users connection of up to four computers and WiFi allows users to connect wirelessly via a lap top. Two USB 2.0 ports accommodate a print server and storage methods- ensuring all of a user’s data needs are met by the W21.

The W21 routers software is capable of upgrades, and also has an automatic update feature.





Other 3G Models
Ericsson W20 - Data (1.8mbps)
Ericsson W25 - Voice/IP Fax/Data


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